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"The ideal of America being the land of the free is great. But until it is realized, for all Americans, it will never be reached. Democracy and respect for all is key to our success as a country.” -Christopher Banks


“The constitution affords us liberty in words. It is our job to carry it out in deed. Let’s be better everyone.” - Christopher Banks


My Platform

ECONOMY: I will work with state legislators to create an environment that is conducive to thriving business of all kinds; focusing on innovative ideas to encourage entrepreneurship and grow our fiscal status as a Top Ten state for businesses.

HEALTH CARE: Universal health care for all; Re-establishing funds for mental health care facilities.

LIVABLE WAGES: I support raising the minimum wage to $15.00/hr. Without wage increases we are doing a disservice to our state economy and the families working to raise children on minimum wage.

EQUITABLE EDUCATION: I promote robust education for students in every zip code by way of standardize curriculum and high caliber educators. I also believe in empowering local PTA's to provide stand-in-the-gap mentorship to parents who may require assistance.


ROADS & INFRASTRUCTURE: It is estimated that Michigan's road and bridge repairs will cost approximately $4 billion dollars a year. I will advocate for creative sources to fund infrastructure repairs so that they can be made without raising taxes.

ENVIRONMENT: I will advocate stricter laws, fines and criminal prosecution to discourage any entity that would dare pollute our land, water or air.

SCHOOL SAFETY: Gun control is necessary to protect our students and administrators. I will advocate for in-depth solution by implementation of proven security measures on school grounds.

Checks for donations may be mailed to:

Christopher Banks for MI State Rep

P.O. Box 1524

Holland, MI 49422


You Can Help

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Thank you for your interest in Christopher Banks. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below.

My Office Hours: 

Thursday and Saturday 6pm - 7pm

451 Columbia Ave, Holland, Michigan 49423


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